Warren Buffet’s Simple Business Strategy

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Warren Buffet simple approach to business that anyone can implement and use in their own business.

“The best advice to a small business owner or for that matter a large business owner is to never stop thinking of how to delight your customer. Not to satisfy your customer, but to delight your customer. When you wake up in the morning start thinking about it, during the day think about it, at night think about it, and then dream about it. There is no company that has ever failed that has had millions of delighted customers. You start with one and you get them one at a time.” -Warren Buffet

Can you think of any businesses that do this? Disney? Chewy.com? Apple?

It seems like such a simple concept, but many business owners get so focused on the nuts and bolts of business and lose focus on the customer.

He shared this insight at an event honoring the twentieth graduating class of the 10,000 Small Businesses program at LaGuardia Community College in New York.