click funnel

a. We will review your website and make suggestions for improving your website

b. We will help you grow and nurture an email list of prospects and patients

c. We will provide custom blog posts for your site

d. We will provide videos for your practice

e. We will provide special reports you can use in your practice

f. We will provide map my business listing for your practice on Google

g. We will provide Google ads, you just pay for the ad spend

h. We will provide Facebook ads, you just pay for the ad spend

  1. For an extra fee, we will help you write a book that will help you promote your practice
  2. You will get 10 paperback copies
  3. We will help you create the outline
  4. We will interview you for the content of the book
  5. We will record the interview
  6. We will transcribe the interview
  7. We will edit it into a book
  8. We will format the book for paperback, Kindle, and PDF
  9. We will list your book on Amazon for both paperback and Kindle versions
  10. We will provide marketing training for you to promote your practice using a book
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